Further Competition Support Service

In addition the framework offers a comprehensive further competition procurement service. The service fees vary depending upon the potential scale of the requirement and full details can be found in Appendix C. The further competition support service provides either a light touch documentation review service prior to engaging in the further competition, or a full procurement support service to undertake a fully compliant further competition exercise, be it a traditional exercise or a capability assessment exercise. The full procurement support service includes:

Where relevant the service includes up to two visits to customer site (at the service provider’s sole discretion); be that to determine requirements, assess supplier capability, undertake evaluations or present findings. All other activities will be undertaken through electronic communication.

The documentation review service is available to organisations engaging in further competitions. An organisation’s completed further competition documentation can be reviewed, critiqued and where appropriate amendments suggested, ensuring the documentation is fit for purpose and in keeping with spirit of the framework; thus enhancing the chances of a successful further competition.  It is important to note that this service does not provide a documentation drafting service. Documentation drafting is an integral part of the full procurement support service detailed earlier this section.

Should you require further information about either of these services, or wish to benefit from the services, please contact the Strategic Contract Manager Steve Davies.
Email – enquiries@nationaleducationmfdframework.org
Telephone – 08450 179908
Fax – 08450 179907