Why buy from the National Education Framework? 

Download your copy of the National Education Framework Why Buy Flyer

The framework is EU compliant and accessible to any organisation within the Public Sector. It provides a one-stop-shop for all your printing, document and print services requirements from across seven Lots:

Lot 1 – Multifunctional/Reprographic Devices and Associated Print Services and Supplies

Lot 2 – Recycled Technologies

Lot 3 – Managed Print and Document Services

Lot 4 – Specialist Printing Technologies

Lot 5 – Printers and Associated Services and Supplies

Lot 6 – Monitors and Associated IT Peripherals and Services

Lot 7 – Consultancy Services

The framework provides added value throughout when compared with other public sector print and document frameworks. For example,

  • HELP DESK: The framework has a dedicated Help Desk to advise on specification, technical queries and contract management issues. The Help Desk is serviced by people who have specific category expertise and are therefore able to provide an enhanced standard of framework support.
  • FREE OF CHARGE PRINT AUDITS: Print audits are available free of charge across Lots 1 to 6 of the framework whereas similar services maybe chargeable under other public sector frameworks.
  • WIDE CHOICE OF PROVIDERS: The framework provides a rich and varied choice of framework providers, from original equipment manufacturers to value added resellers.
  • WIDER SCOPE OF SERVICES: Not only is there a greater choice of framework providers, but lot definitions and associated specifications are far broader within each lot and across lots. In addition to the core printing devices, software and services, the framework provides a number of other value added supplies and services* : For example framework users can have access to:
    • Project management services
    • IT Support services.
    • Cloud services
    • Scanning and archiving services
    • Mail room management (mail production/distribution) services,
    • Mailing services
    • Provision of print and office consumables
    • Management of offset and specialist print
    • Document and digital storage, workflow, data and document management solutions
    • Value added supplies such as digital photographic and video equipment, projection and related services and an extensive range of IT peripherals

* Please Note not all the additional value added services and supplies are available under all Lots.

  • AWARD OF BUSINESS EITHER VIA DIRECT AWARD OR FURTHER COMPETITION: Direct Award is available under all framework Lots with the exception of Lot 3, where further competition is required. Further competitions can be undertaken in pursuit of added value across all seven framework Lots.  
  • FURTHER COMPETITION SUPPORT SERVICES: In addition to the Help Desk, the framework provides Further Competition Support Services which can either,
  1. undertake a further competition on behalf of a framework user where they may have neither the skills or the resources to undertake the further competition themselves, or  
  2. provide a further competition documentation review service to ensure documentation is fit for purpose prior to commencement of the further competition.

For further information please contact the following:-

             Email: enquiries@nationaleducationmfdframework.org

             Tel: 08450 179908

             Web: www.nationaleducationmfdframework.org